Success Story: Dan

Success Story: Dan

I have known Dan and his wife for several years, so it was a great privilege to help ease their transition from a home in Wilmette, which we sold together, to a great new home in Evanston! 

How Did You Find Millie?

I have known Millie for over 15 years. I believe we initially met either through mutual friends or a board I served on with her husband. 

Did You Buy or Sell Property?

We bought and sold property with Millie. We looked all over from the North Shore to downtown and ultimately found what we were looking for in Evanston. Millie also sold our home in Wilmette in 10 days!

Did You Use Any of Millie’s Recommended Vendors?

Yes, we continue to use many of Millie’s recommendations. The HVAC contractor and movers Millie recommended were outstanding. Millie’s contractor is also currently at our home doing some work and he is spectacular. 

What is the Best Part of Working With Millie?

Millie’s knowledge of the market is second to none. She sold our home in Wilmette and at a price we weren’t sure about, but she had a plan. Sure enough, she was right and we were wrong! She knew the market better than we did.

What Would You Say About Millie to a Friend?

Millie is passionate about the industry and helping her clients. She throws everything she has into it. 

We highly recommend Millie. She made the whole process seamless. We have bought and sold several homes over the years and this was the easiest – we have no regrets and she has my recommendation! 

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