Success Story: Liz

Success Story: Liz

I was the listing broker on the transaction when Liz and her partner purchased this property, and I was so excited when they reached out to me to list this unit again for them. I am so flattered  every time a buyer reaches out to work together after acting as the listing broker in their purchase!

How did you find Millie? 
We actually found Millie when we bought our last home – she represented the seller back in 2020 and we were so impressed that we later hired her to then sell the home again. 

Did you buy or sell with Millie?
We sold our home. 

Did you use any of Millie’s recommended vendors? 
Yes, all of them! We used Chicagoland Moving, and they were unbelievable. We also used her recommended lawyer, Marc Cervantes,and he was amazing. Millie’s contacts consistently deliver quality, service and responsiveness. 

What is the best part of working with Millie? 
Millie’s personality. She doesn’t give up – she is resilient and determined to succeed on your behalf. She is also very straightforward, honest, and transparent providing clear suggestions and feedback both from potential buyers, and also from her own perspective 

What would you say to a friend about Millie? 
I would certainly recommend Millie to a friend, and say that if they want someone to get the job done in a very clear and honest manner, she is the person for the job because she will succeed. 

Millie is a real pleasure to work with and takes a true interest in what is going on with you and your life, and how that may impact the sale or timing. She figures out how all of that information fits into her role representing you and selling your property. This personal touch makes a significant difference in the overall experience. 

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