Success Story: Kevin

Success Story: Kevin


Kevin is an old DePaul friend I have worked with several times over the years. We dealt with the lack of inventory really focusing on what Kevin wanted, so that when we walked through the doors we knew it was the one!


How Did You Find Millie?

I have known Millie since about 2006, when I worked with her husband, John, at DePaul. I got to know her socially through DePaul events and then started working with her when I moved back to Chicago in 2017 and she helped me buy a place. Most recently she helped me sell that place and then buy another new home.

Did You Buy or Sell? 

Millie helped me sell my home and then buy a new home. 

What Was the Best Part of Working Together?

She’s Millie! Millie is great. I was at a point in my life where I was rebuilding, and Millie knew that and really looked out for me. She helped me evaluate if a home was a good fit for me financially, and also a good investment. She is also very honest, which I appreciate. She would tell me, “This is not the place for you,” and her directness made it easier. 

Did You Use Any of Her Recommended Vendors?

Yes, I used her attorney's recommendation, and he was fantastic – made it a very smooth process. I also used her referral for a home inspector, and it turned out she had recommended him to me back in 2017, so we had worked with each other before. It was a great experience again this time. 

What Would You Say to a Friend About Millie?

She’s one of the best in the business. Millie has a ton of experience and is a very skilled negotiator. She’s very honest and is one of the best people you could have representing you in a real estate transaction. 
When I was looking there wasn't a lot of inventory, and Millie really helped me figure out where things stood and what was possible. You go with Millie because she knows this business and she’s excellent – and her team is too! I really enjoyed working with her team throughout the process. 

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