Success Story: Diana

Success Story: Diana

Diana and her husband are a great example of what my team and I can handle when a client lives out of state. Prior to their departure, we met to discuss the finer details, and after that Diana and her husband moved to Santa Fe. My team and I took care of everything! I am so glad it was a seamless transition for Diana and her husband. 

How Did You Meet Millie? 

I met Millie through word-of-mouth recommendations from trusted friends. Since then, I have recommended Millie to other friends even before we met in person.

Did You Buy or Sell Together? 

Millie sold our downtown condo. We met only once or twice before we moved to Santa Fe to discuss the asking price and updates that would enhance the sale. Mille took care of everything else!

What Was the Best Part of Working Together? 

The best part of working with Millie is that she is totally professional. She says what she is going to do, does it, and then reports to you about what should be done next. She does not waste time but always has time to talk with you.

Did You Use Any of Millie’s Recommended Vendors? 

We used all the people Millie recommended: her organizer, Erin, got rid of anything we left behind. We also hired her painter, repair people, stager, and lawyer, and all were excellent. There were some problems disclosed by the buyers’ inspector, which Millie handled with our condominium board. Millie is a problem solver.

What Would You Say to a Friend About Millie? 

Trust her advice and relax.

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