One of My Favorite Local Stores for Holiday Gifts!

One of My Favorite Local Stores for Holiday Gifts!

There are not many local shops that can say they have been open for nearly a half decade, but Material Possessions in Winnetka is one of them! It also happens to be one of my favorite home decor destinations, not just because I love the selection, but because the staff at the store is so incredibly helpful.
I recently chatted with my friend Peggy Swartchild, co-owner of Material Possessions with Jessica McDermott, about the store and its amazing history. And, I must say, if you are looking for the perfect gift for a home decor or jewelry lover, you must visit the storefront or their website – you will not be disappointed!

Tell us a little bit about the history of Material Possessions

The first store opened in Winnetka at a different location down the street in 1977. The idea for the store began with my then partner and I, who spent our days accessorizing antiques for a local interior designer’s brick-and-mortar store. We slowly started taking over more and more of the store with our home decor and then moved to our own space around the corner. After a few years, we opened at our current location in Winnetka, and have been there for 42 years! We also had a storefront in downtown Chicago for 34 years, that closed after my partner retired.

My education is in interior design and art history, but really it’s my passion that has driven the business for so long.

What is your vision for the store?

Our goal is always to bring beautiful, long-lasting, and unique pieces from all over the world to the public. We love pieces that are innovative, yet functional in some way. Jewelry is also a large part of our inventory, because who doesn’t love beautiful jewelry?

Our bridal registry is also a fun aspect of our business, where couples can put together a wish list of their favorite pieces.

Tell us about your curated selection

We are always hunting for new things – buying trips is one of our favorite parts of the business! For me, the most exciting part of the process is creating beautiful combinations of pieces that work together. Tabletop is also one of my favorite segments because setting a beautiful table, especially around the holidays, is so much fun.

To what do you attribute your long-lasting success?

Our team! We really take time with our customers. Many we see weekly, or on a regular basis, so we get to know their style and what they like. Customer service is the most important part of longevity. I truly love what I do, and the people I work with. Winnetka is a great place to raise a family, and I feel very connected to the community. It has really been my pleasure!

How does your team help people find that perfect gift?

We ask a lot of questions about the person receiving the gift to try to get a feel for what they will like, and then we are off and running with suggestions! We also have several never fail gifts like a beautiful throw or a functional bowl.

I encourage you to stop by the store during the holidays, it is decorated beautifully and fully stocked with spectacular gifts!

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