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How to Find the Right Handmade Mattress for You, From a Mattress Expert

I met Mary Pat Wallace, founder of the Luxury Bed Collection, several years ago through our overlapping networks. Mary Pat and I have a lot in common as founders of businesses and leaders of teams, so we have had a lot to talk about since the day we met! I recently sat down with Mary Pat to understand more about her fascinating business, which is an entirely different take on buying a mattress. And her business extends far beyond products, reaching lifestyle and health. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did!

What Did You Do Before Founding the Luxury Bed Collection?

I spent five years working on renowned interior designer Holly Hunt’s team. Holly’s team traveled with her to furniture manufacturers, so I received a full education in the process of creating quality furniture that is passed down through the generations. 

How Did the Luxury Bed Collection Start? 

I always say no one grows up saying they want to get into the mattress business, but that is exactly what happened to me. A friend put a 400-page catalog in front of me that told a story about a five-generation family that creates the best mattresses in the world from natural materials. The company is called Hästens, and in the catalog, they also explained how to sleep better, and why good sleep is important. I was completely enamored with the product, so I went to the headquarters in Sweden, saw the incredible quality of the product, and then ultimately opened our first store in 2005. 

Tell Us About Your Amazing Mattresses!

We sell two brands: Hästens, made in Sweden, and Vispring mattresses, made in England. These are mattresses you buy once or twice in your lifetime, rather than other mattresses you should replace every few years. Every one of them is built by hand to suit a sleeper’s exact needs. 

How Do You Recommend Shopping for a Mattress? 

The first thing to know is that finding the right mattress is part art, part science. To start, my team takes a few calculations pertaining to height and weight because this information helps us figure out the proper tension and distribution of weight on a mattress. 
I also say to block some time, at least an hour to spend in our showroom learning about the science and the different products. Dress comfortably in pants or shorts, put your cell phone away, and switch out your shoes for booties so you can really feel the different mattresses. We dim the lights, give you a blanket, and figure out the best balance for you. 
With our two brands, they are very different, yet very similar at the same time. They use the same ingredients, but with two different chefs, and the results truly feel different. One person who likes Vispring will not like the feel of Hästens and vice versa. The entry points are also very different with Visprings starting at $7,500 and Hästens starting at $25,000. 
I love sleeping, and I love how a good night’s sleep makes me feel. I like to tell people that I believe a solid night’s sleep is one of the first things you should spend time and money on because it is so important to overall health. Many of our clients have said our mattresses are life-changing!
Please visit the Luxury Bed Collection’s website for information about all three locations, and to set up an appointment (walk-ins are also welcome!).

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