Expert Plumbing Advice Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Expert Plumbing Advice Every Homeowner Needs to Know

I met Adrian a few years ago when he was overseeing the plumbing of my primary bathroom remodel. I noted his professionalism and kept his cell phone number for future use. Since that time, he has become one of my go-to plumbers, as well as a plumber I recommend to my clients.

Adrian is a wealth of knowledge and shares several very useful tips with us. 

Tell Us a Bit About Your Background and Experience

Twenty years ago I started my career in general construction, but three years later I decided to focus specifically on plumbing. I started as everyone else does, with the hardest jobs like digging ditches, and finally, after several years, ended up managing a plumbing company. It was all office work, and I finally realized office work is not for me and I prefer to be in the field. 

I started my business five years ago, and business picked up quickly. I focus on providing high-quality service directly to homeowners. I also intentionally keep the business to just me in order to maintain my extremely high level of service. My clients know when they call that I will be the one answering, and also know that it will be me doing the work rather than an apprentice.  

What Services Do You Offer?

I am able to service anything that a homeowner needs in relation to plumbing, specifically: leak repair, emergency service calls, water heater replacement, faucet installation, sump pump and ejector pump installation, water filter installation, and running gas lines for grills.

I also offer an annual house maintenance package that includes things like cleaning drains, flushing the hot water heater, and replacing filters. 

What Plumbing Maintenance Advice Do You Recommend to Homeowners?

Replacements: First and foremost, remember that your pump and water heater will not warn you when they are about to fail, and typically when they fail the damage is far more costly than replacing on schedule. 

The average lifespan for a hot water heater is ten years. If you are close to that mark, I always recommend proactively replacing it. The average lifespan for a sump pump is seven years, but they can also fail sooner. With a sump pump, there is actually now a way to be warned of a failure with a wifi-enabled product. With these pumps, you will receive a push notification if there is an issue. As a courtesy to my clients, I also offer to receive notifications as well so we can both monitor. 

Filters: Don’t forget to replace water filters! Usually, they need to be replaced every six months/annually. 

Regular use of plumbing: I see so many basements with clogged plumbing and people are always shocked because they don’t regularly use that bathroom. Lack of use is actually precisely the problem! Without regular use, pipes will dry out and the next time you flush or turn on a faucet it will clog up. It is important to regularly use plumbing.

Smelly garbage disposal: I tell my clients to avoid citrus cleaning tablets because it is like using cologne instead of taking a shower. To actually solve a smelly garbage disposal, you need to use more water when you are running the disposal. Without enough water, you create a glob of rotting food. To thoroughly clean a disposal, I recommend dumping a whole ice tray into your sink, turning on the disposal, and running warm water at the same time. Add a few drops of dish soap, which will foam up. The ice will scrape down the sides of the disposal, and you will be left with a sparkling-clean disposal!

Waiting for hot water: So many of my clients complain about waiting for water to get hot. A hot water recirculating pump solves this problem, and has brought smiles to many of my clients’ faces over the years! 

What useful advice, thank you, Adrian!

Please contact Adrian directly if you are looking for an incredibly skilled plumber. He works in the city and suburbs.

Adrian Siwiak
Acme Plumbing Services LLC
Email: [email protected]
Cel: 773 510 5793

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