A Local Glass Artisan to Keep on Your Radar

A Local Glass Artisan to Keep on Your Radar

For me, part of what makes a house a home is special personalized details. One such special added touch can be glasswork – think doors, accent walls, or partition walls! I have worked with Chicago-based Bianco Glass several times now, and they are a great reminder of how fortunate we are to have world-class artisans in our backyard in Chicago! I recently chatted with Sandra, who works in business development and project management for family-owned Bianco Glass about this very special business.

How Did Bianco Glass Get Started?

My parents immigrated from Poland in their early 20s, and my dad happened to get an apprenticeship in a glass shop. He learned the trade from the ground up and proceeded to open his own operation. He now has 25-30 years of experience and expertise. Growing up, glass is what we talked about over dinner. I learned the business by osmosis!

I love working with my dad because it is fascinating to have a window into his brain and the solutions he comes up with for clients. More than a few times a client comes to us with what they believe is an impossible idea, and my dad is able to take the idea and make it possible. He has a very solution-oriented mindset. 

What Type of Projects Do You Typically Work on?

We work on both commercial and residential projects, anything ranging from glass and steel doors for an office, bathroom shower doors, mirrors and shelving, and also antique-looking glass and mirrors. We have 20 different antique mirror patterns that our clients use as artwork, feature walls, or tiling. We are usually the last trade to put the finishing touches on a job.

Where Can We See Your Commercial Work?

All throughout the city including the Midtown Athletic Club, the Viceroy Hotel, and the Nobu Hotel. 

Where Does the Fabrication Happen?

We have a warehouse in Northbrook where a lot of the work is completed. We also partner with different specialty glass manufacturers across the country.

Do You Have Any Advice on How to Best Care for Glass?

If you have glass in your home, invest in a squeegee! Maintenance is so much easier. Especially for glass products exposed to water, wiping it down with a squeegee will help keep it looking fresh for longer! 

If you are interested in Bianco Glass and would like more information, please contact Sandra directly at [email protected]. 

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