A Chicago Vendor You Should Know

A Chicago Vendor You Should Know

When you find a great local service provider, it sort of feels like winning the lottery, am I right? That is how I feel about Angel’s Duct Cleaning. Duct Cleaning is a sometimes forgotten home service, but it can actually be an instant quality of life upgrade for some! And, Angel’s is the best I have found. Enjoy a quick interview of the owner outlining their services and why they are important.

A Little Background

Angel moved to Chicago from New Jersey in 2015 and quickly opened up his own business. Prior to starting the business, Angel trained for several years learning the trade inside and out. 
Angel believes that what sets his business apart is the way they treat customers and employees. A high level of communication and service makes not just the customers happy, but also the employees. Today there are eight people on the team.

The Benefits of Duct Cleaning

It’s a long list, including:
  • Increased airflow.
  • Cleaner indoor air – especially for allergy sufferers.
  • Faster cool down/heating.
  • Increased energy efficiency.

How Appointments Work

Service takes about two hours per furnace, and homeowners should prepare by moving furniture away from vents for easier access. Appointments are effective any time of year, and after an initial deep clean, an annual cleaning is recommended.
Angel pointed out that they also clean dryer vents, which should regularly be cleaned to avoid potential fire hazards.
To make an appointment, please call or text Angel directly!
Angel’s Duct Cleaning
(312) 785-4129

Work With Us

Our intentions are equipped with actions, which is why I lead the market with higher sale-to-list prices and faster market times.

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